TOTO 0.5 gpf Single Flush Urinal Automatic Flush Valve, 3/4" Inlet Size, 7-1/4" Rough-In


Toto electronic urinal flushometer valve complete with 3/4-Inch angle stop and 3/4-Inch vacuum breaker set. Hydro-powered, top spud – exposed. Low consumption, 0.5 gph or less. Manual override. Neutral rough-in, ADA compliant. 24 hour flush. Piston valve action. Nickel chrome plated finish. Utilizing the same proven technology as our 1.6 gph Eco power flush valves, our new 1.28 gph Eco power high efficiency toilet (het) flushometer valves save 20% more water than standard 1.6 gph valves and an impressive 63% water savings over traditional 3.5 gph flush valves; and Toto 0.5 gph Eco power high efficiency urinal (heu) flushometer valves provide a 50% water savings over 1.0 gph urinal flush valves, allowing facilities to save thousands of dollars—and conserve thousands of gallons of water — every year. Toto het and heu flushometer valves can help earn one leed credit and help you satisfy the growing demand for high efficiency, water-conserving Plumbing fixtures in the commercial sector. Our het and heu flushometer valves feature the Eco power hydro-powered, self-generating power system; a superior piston valve that resists warping; a neutral rough-in; and an automatic flushing system that provides a "courtesy flush" every 24 hours. In addition, our 1.28 gph Eco power het valves are also available for use with both standard vacuum breakers and 24" vacuum breakers and feature a manual flushing button.

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